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City of Whittlesea wanted a program that fits with their priorities around physical activity and healthy eating, as well as appealing to its diverse workforce. “We also wanted a program which has measurable results,” Ms Miller said. The program captures participant information at various points throughout the program to track progress. This not only motivates individuals, but it provides workplaces with evidence of success.

City of Whittlesea

Our business used the services of Equip4Life in 2017. The Team at Equip4Life were fun, helpful, informative and FREE.The team offered great advice on diet, exercise and ways to live a healthy happy life.  I recommend any business that cares for their employees to use Equip4Life.


Equip4Life has delivered a comprehensive health and wellbeing program for our team, in a format that was both engaging and easy-to-understand. The presenters were knowledgeable and welcomed questions along the way to ensure everyone was able to get the most out of the program. Best of all, the program was delivered at no cost to our business or our team, making it an extremely cost effective way for us to support our lifestyle and wellness goals.

Bakers Delight

We approached Equip4life about their corporate wellness program to get our team together and bring awareness to a healthy mindset during lock down. The team at Equip4life were friendly and accommodating fitting us in almost immediately for virtual sessions. The presentations were run by professionals and were very informative, we have all taken something away from the program to help improve our day to day wellness.


We cautiously signed up for the free Equip4Life program as it seemed ‘too good to be true’ – I had to ask 3 times to make sure there was no fine-print or strings attached. It was indeed free (Government-funded), and super-helpful – and with lovely presenters/instructors who are very up to date, and present on the latest medical research. Our team has loved the overall view covering all the fad diets/exercise regimes and bringing home the needed detail, and are all the better for being part of it. Thanks to the Equip4Life team!

CDSE Consulting

This wellness program offers something for everyone and is a great way to demonstrate to your staff that you care about their health & wellbeing. Particularly in these challenging times where many are working remotely from home, attendees can walk away with useful tips and tools to improve their health, reduce stress and improve productivity – and because the program is fully-funded, all it requires is a small investment of time.


This was a wonderful Government fully funded program, to support the physical health and wellbeing for our staff, especially during Stage 4 lockdown.  Equip4life facilitators provided professional and valuable advice.  This enabled a number of our staff to develop their understanding of many health and wellbeing topics and came away with some brilliant techniques for managing stress and improving their workplace wellness.


We were seeking a program that would engage employees around a range of health & wellbeing concepts at a time when our employees were full-time remote working and enduring a challenging external environment. The Life! Program absolutely hit the mark in this respect, offering a lot of valuable information about healthy living, eating & exercising. Incredibly this program came at no cost to our organisation.

I have been impressed with the quality & professional facilitation of the program content & would recommend to any organisation who is wanting to support their employee’s health & wellbeing.

WBP Group

Yes, it is free! We ran the program with our staff at RACS, and everyone greatly benefited and learned something new! The Equip4Life team want to encourage a healthy lifestyle and have a passion for educating people. I have no hesitation recommending this to other company’s interested in their staff health and wellbeing.

Royal Australasian College of Surgeons

Initially, I was skeptical of a free program, but myself and the AvePoint team were very pleasantly surprised. Subjects ranged from diet and nutrition to exercise, and even for a team of mostly fit individuals we still managed to learn something new each week. Don’t let the no cost discourage you, I highly recommend taking advantage of this program!


Hotondo Homes in Ocean Grove participated in the Equip4Life health and wellness program and found it to be very beneficial. The presenters were fully qualified exercise physiologists and dieticians and made sure every session was informative and easy to understand. They provided practical advice on how to make better choices to support health and wellbeing. The program was funded by the Government and totally free to our business. It’s a great way to deliver a health and wellbeing program for staff.

Hotondo Homes in Ocean Grove

We at Arpad Aged Care value our staff.
We found Life! Program very informative, we utilise the advice in our daily lives and firmly believe that the information we received contributes to our staff’s overall healthiness.
We love that the recordings are available even for those unable to attend and can be watched at their convenience. Plus, all the essential information can be checked more than once.
We highly recommend Life! Program to organisations who care for their employees’ wellbeing. We are fortunate that we qualified for the program free of charge.

Arpad Aged Care

We registered with the Equip4life program earlier last year. We were looking for a wellbeing program we could offer our staff and this one was free, definitely worth a try – we had nothing to lose! The only thing we did lose were some bad habits and we definitely gained a lot of useful information and tips. The program is very informative and is delivered by trained professionals. Would recommend this program to any organisation whose priority is their staff health and wellbeing.


We signed up to the Life! Program to encourage and educate our staff about the importance of their health and wellbeing.  The staff enjoyed watching the information sessions over zoom and still often talk about how much of an improvement implementing those healthy behaviours in our day-to-day life has been.  The sessions were informative and easy to follow along with, and the 164-page workbook and digital handouts that we received are a great tool that we can now refer back to. Thank you to the Life! Program and to the presenters, we are excited for our follow up sessions in the coming months!
Christians Bus Company

Life! program success

  • Over 65,000 participants

  • Proven results for 13 years

  • Victoria’s most successful preventative health program

  • Program reduces risk factors for COVID-19 severity

  • Individualised healthy lifestyle goals with measurable outcomes

Front Page of 160 Healthy Lifestyle E-Book included in Program

Acknowledgements & Health Organisations endorsing program

Key Content

Physical activity & fitness

Meal planning & food label reading

Sleep, stress & relaxation

Strong bodies for an active lifestyle

Nutritional strategies for better health

Mental health & mindfulness

Online Life! Program flowchart



Physical activity & fitness

Meal planning & food label reading

Sleep, stress & relaxation

Strong bodies for an active lifestyle

Nutritional strategies for better health

Mental health & mindfulness

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